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Times Square Shanghai






  • Mar 11 - The headquarters of East Power Bureau of China will be completed by the end of 2011, it is located on the other side of street from Time Square Shanghai.
  • Jul 09 - Only 14 min stroll to Metro line 4, Pudian Road station.
  • Jul 09 - 12 min walking distance to the large Hualian Supermarket covering 12,000 sqm
  • Jul 09 - Improved access - South Pudong Road is expanding from 4 lane to 6 lane highway
  • "4 star hotel/serviced apartment"


Gubei International Plaza





  • Mar 11 - Gubei Fortune Tower phase¢òof 330,000©O is under construction. Once completed, it will have high end office building, luxury stores as well as five star hotels. It is within 2 km from GIP community.
  • Jul 09 - Close to the famous Yew Chung International School.
  • Jul 09 - 670m Gubei Gold Street is a pedestrian street with commercial shops covering 50,000sqm.


Dynamic Crystal







  • Mar 11 -The construction of subway line 14 will start from May 2011, it will take 3 years to complete and once it is done, DC residents can access to the city subway network easily with 2 minutes walking to the station.
  • June 10 - Construction of subway line 14 due from Jan 2011 till 2013 in immediate area.
  • Jul 09 - Pudong Avenue Transportation Development. ¡°East-west Channel¡± starts at Dynamic Crystal. 1st level = 6 lane highway: 2nd level = underground tunnel: 4-lane double-direction 3rd level = metro rail line 14.
  • Jul 09 - Metro line 6 starts operation - Yuanshen Road station.
  • Jul 09 - Park and leisure lands along the Dynamic Crystal river side is under development.
Talent Studio




  • Mar 11 - The newly constructed North America style shopping mall will open by the end of 2011, it has 70,000 square meters and within 15 minutes walking distance from TS.
  • Jul 09 - Siemens East China region headquarter offices are located on Dalian Road near
  • Jul 09 - Metro line 8 starts operation. Anshan Xincun station is near Talent Studios.
  • Jul 09 - Hi-shanghai Square opens with 5A office building, restaurants, caf¨¦ and public open space. Within 6-min walk
  • The nearest station of Shanghai Metro Line 4 is about 10 minute walking distance.Metro Line 8 is under construction right now also close to Talent Studio.
Paris Garden



  • Mar 11 - Gubei Carrefour, one of the biggest chain store in Shanghai has renewal lease for another 5 years. It is within walking distance from Paris Garden community.
  • Jul 09 - Nearby the famous Jianqing High School. The school was established in 1939 and recognized as one of the key middle schools in Changning District.
  • Jul 09 - Metro line 10 will be completed by June 2010. The Gubei Road station is within 4-min walk to Paris Garden.
Rendezvous Hotel









  • Mar 11 -Luxurious residence project of Prince¡¯s Favor will be completed before the end of 2011, it will help to retain and improve the value of Rendezvous.
  • Jul 09 - Convenient transportation around the hotel. 7-mins walking distance to Metro line 2, Jiangsu Road station.
  • Jul 09 - Commercial areas like Jing¡¯an Temple and Nanjing West Road are within close walking distance.
  • Rendezvous Hotel has become one of the most recommend hotel in Shanghai Tourist websites in the "Value for Money"category.
Hong Run International Garden





  • Mar 11 -A major transportation hub nearby will be completed in 2012.
  • Jul 09 - Interchange project for 5 rail transportations (line 1, 3, 4, 11, 12). The project is going to be one of the top 10 transportation hubs in Shanghai.munity.
  • Jul 09 - 8-min walking distance to Tianhua Info Technology Park which hosts the world¡¯s top 500 corporations in modern service industry, regional headquarters of international companies, and well-known domestic corporation headquarters.
Summit Residence








  • Mar 11 - The four-lane tunnel under Yangtze River that is next to the SR community has been put into use recently, SR residents can access to all major areas of the city more conveniently.
  • Jul 09 - Hongmo Square in Dongchang Road Riverfront area has opened. It is a square with pubs, restaurants and caf¨¦s within 4-min walking distance.
  • Jul 09 - The 2010 Expo tunnel has started construction. The tunnel is within a 3-min drive,
  • Jul 09 - Shanghai Bay shopping centre has opened and is within 7-min walking distance.
  • A community park approx 150-meter away from Summit Residence is opened to the public further increasing the popularity of the area.
Monet Image


  • Mar11 -Management Company has replaced all air-conditioning unit for each room.
  • Jul 09 - Competitor: The Regent Shanghai opposite Monet Image. Although the competitor has a stronger lobby decoration and hotel rating, it does not perform better in internal room comfort in a recent survey.
  • Jul 09 - Well located with Yan¡¯an Elevated Road next to it, and 15-min walking distance to Metro line 2, Jiangsu Road station.
  • Please check their website for other properties under their management



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